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5 tips to earn more credits from Google opinion rewards


Google opinion rewards is a survey filling application powered by Google which will give you rewards in the form of Google play credits for giving answers to asked questions in survey,
Google opinion rewards is application which is available for android and iOS devices, you can easily install this application in your mobile device from Google play store  or you can download this application direct from clicking here Install Google opinion rewards application from here,
This application will offer you surveys based on your location and your recent activities like shopping and entertainment,
Your location is most important thing to get more surveys in Google opinion rewards application, Google opinion reward application will send you notification when you got a new survey, this is simple application to use any user can easily use this application,

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How to earn credits from Google opinion rewards
To earn credits from Google opinion rewards application you just have to answer some simple questions which were asked in survey, Google will offer you a survey according to your location and your recent activities, is survey might contain about 7 to 8 questions, they will never ask you about your personal information you only have to gave your opinion regarding there services and products.

5 best tips to get more surveys in your Google opinion reward application
Normally this application will offer you a survey within a week, but this count of survey is not enough to make money according to our will so to get more surveys on Google opinion rewards application you can follow these tips

1. Open this application once in a day

This application is very responsive so your active participation, increase your chances to get more surveys on your application make sure to open Google opinion rewards application once in a day, see all notification of this application to increase your frequency to getting surveys, if you ignore this application for one or more days then they will offer you less surveys to you in comparison of other person.
2. Gave honest and right riviews
Google opinion reward application is a platform to get opinions of customers for Google products and services so Google will only pay you for your opinion, your opinion will help them to make their services better so only person will get more surveys who would help Google to perform better,
Sometimes Google ask you some questions about your recent activities and you tell lies to that answer then you will be warned for giving wrong opinion so only honest opinion is best to get more surveys.
3. Share your location history with Google
As I mentioned many times that Google opinion rewards send your service based on your location and your activities so this is very important to share your location history and activities history to Google, you can easily share your history with Google by following the steps
• just go to the Google opinion reward application
• open the right menu bar and click settings
• chose option with Google location history
• turn this on to share your location with Google

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4. Turn on your GPS 
Mobile GPS is also a great way to share your location history with Google, to get more surveys and more offers from Google you should turn on GPS always, this will affect your survey frequency darmatically, turn on your GPS before going out for shopping mall ,entertainments. Usually Google will send you a notification after every visit to a brand store, it’s the easiest way to get more surveys on Google opinion reward application.
5. Use more apps in your mobile device to increase survey frequency
As we all know that Google is a multinational company and this company is running a lot of applications for mobile services, Google wants to know people’s opinion about their application and services so more you install Google powered applications more surveys will be offered to you.
You can try Google AdWordsTez and many more applications for more surveys.

How to use Google opinion rewards credits
Google opinion rewards application will gave you money in the form of Google Play credit, you can easily use these credits to shop in Google Play store, you can buy paid application in Google Play store with these credits.

How much you can earn with this application by giving answers
This application will pay you about.1$ to .2$ for each survey but you can get upto 1$ for each survey.

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