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Best sites for writing blog for beginners


Blogging is part-time work and it can be changed into profesional work after some time to doing blogging so this is very important to choose right platform for blogging and if you have a list of sites which provide blogging platform it  gone to be easy to choose best platform for blogging so below is the list of all popular blogging sites with full of cool features so this will help you to start your blogging on a good blogging platform

As there were many famous blogging sites for beginners were available but some of them are less popular or with less feature so this will be harm your blog popularity so selection of right blogging site is very important  so read the below list of best blogging sites for beginners and get your own blogging site

Best blogging site for beginners::-











◆ jekyll



These are the  the best blogging sites for start blogging some of these sites gave free service and some are paid so this your choice to choose which type of site so I will give you all info  about these site free and paid services and  difference between them

So let’s talk about these blogging sites

This site is a free of cost blog service provider this is combined with google and trusted as google you can use free templates and web design on blogger
You can make new post daily and check your status on Google
You also can ad adsense on your post for earn money. This is a free and big platform

◆this is 100%free
◆this is trusted
◆you can earn from it
◆this provide free .blogspot.com domain name
◆free web hosting for every account

◆this is very sensitive so this can track your every activity

◆there were limited tamplates and design of sites

◆limited source to get share


Wix is free website making and fabulous blogging site this provide stunning website  and fabulous design  secure hosting
You can also make a online store on Wix it’s free and paid also some service are free and some are paid

Email marketing is a best side of Wix in blogging you can use custom domain name for blogging


A website which provide you  e-commerce and marketing at one place  it’s worden element web designing site make your own site and do your blog famous by choosing Weebly


Ghost is genuine blogging site you can make your blog and manage your custom domains you also can use it to make your own website this is paid but it’s theme and design were very beautiful so this will must effect your blog


WordPress is most popular blogging platform 70 % of blogger use wordpress for blogging

It’s also free and paid there were two type of wordpress site
1. WordPress.com
2.. wordpress.org

Both are same but .org domain site is expensive and better from wordpress.com because this gave a lot of plugin and services in exchange of few extra money

Difference between.com and .org


As it name medium is a site to blogging and blogging is a medium to express your mind thoughts so this is a fabulous blogging site because of its casual look and service
Alot theme and tamplates were given by medium for make your own blogging site you can make a site of your own choice


Yola is free domain name and web hosting provider so you can make low budget site and make fabulous and beautiful blog of your choice this is good for new bloggers this provide help to make your website