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Earn money online without investment – 5 best ways


Making money online is much easier than any business you can easily earn a lot of amount without any investment with the help of online platforms. Most of the people not know about online profit and they choose a hard way to earn monry but today I will explain some incredible ways to earn money online without any investment.

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Benefits of choosing online platforms to make money
• No customer needed for purchase
• No money needed to start your business
• Great earning even for small work
• No boss, you will be your own boss

5 ways to earn money without investment

In this article I will describe 5 incredible ways to earn money without any investment, you just need a internet connection to deal with these ways, you can earn unlimited money with the help of these tricks just choose and work on a method which I will describe in this article and get money from little works.

• YouTube

Youtube is a great way to make money online without any investment. if you are passionate about anything and you want to share your knowledge with world then you don’t help you in this matter you can easily create a YouTube channel and upload your videos on this you can also make good amount of money from your videos by turning on monetization of your videos you can place advertisements on your videos with the help of Google AdSense which is a Google powered advertisement network you can easily place several types of advertisements on a video which can help you to make great revenue from your videos.
To be eligible for monetization of your videos you just have to reach minimum views count of 10000 on your YouTube channel this is only term buy YouTube for earn money.
You can make unlimited money with your YouTube channel bye advertising and sponsoring a friend on your YouTube channel this is also agreed to earn money with your videos you can sponsor a brand with your YouTube channel and you will get paid for this.
Most beautiful thing of this is that you don’t have to pay a single work for your YouTube channel it’s free of cost and you can easily get money in your bank account.

• Blogging

Today looking is a great profession for all those persons who would like to share their knowledge with world, all the results shown in the Google search results are written blogs by professional bloggers and newbies, you can easily create a blog using Chevrolet blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger , these blogging platforms provide you free service to write articles and publish in Google search results. You can start your blogging career without any investment because these platforms provide you free platform to start writing blogs. Global is not only a passion but you also can earn great amount of money with blogging you can earn money with blogging from several ways you can place advertisements offered by Google AdSense on your blog, you can try affiliate marketing to promote e commerce websites on your blog, how are you can sell your own product on your blog which will give you earning.

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Best thing of blogging is that you don’t need any big investment to start this work, you just need a Domain which you can buy from domain registrars with little money after purchasing a domain you can run a successful blog and earn millions of bucks with your articles.

• Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is well known way to earn money online without any investment if you have a Facebook fan page or any other social media platform with hundreds of visitors then you can easily earn money with affiliate Marketing. There was a lot of applet platforms available on the web from which you can easily get a affiliate account for promotion you just have to register on affiliate website and after that promote their products on your page if any visitor of your page by the product from your promotion you will be paid according to a fixed commission of purchased account.
You can start affiliate marketing with world largest eCommerce website Amazon and also on eBay. They will never charge you any cost because affiliate marketing is absolutely free for all.
Benefits of affiliate marketing
• no investment for start and no hidden charges
• High earnings
• Clear withdrawal in bank accounts

• Buy & sell domains

Today domain names have a specific space in market of online business there was Hughes market of domains on the web you can easily make some money by buy and selling domain names this is a great way to earn money quickly without investment buy and sell domain is easy work for all persons you just have to register some good looking and which keyword domains from domain registrars after buying those days you have to list them all in the main options please and person by road purchase domain from domain auction you can charge him multiple times of paid amount because some people were looking for a good domain name and you have that one so they can pay you higher money then any other person.
To buy domain at lowest price I recommend you to use Godaddy which is a very big platform to register domain you can buy different types of dominance from these websites. For sell your domain names you just have to search for domain auctions on the web and you will get a huge list of domain auction website, from where you can easily sell your domain.
Best part of this way
• No limit of earnings from these methods
• low investment as you can start this with( 99 INR)
• No scam direct payment to your wallets

• Refer & earn

Refer and earn programs is now very common in only new startups because all new business need some customers to go there income and they offer refer and earn program.
If you have a huge friend circle then you can make good money with these programs they were a lot of applications are available Google Play store which were offering refer and earn skin for example you can make money by referring phone pe, freecharge, tez and many more applications, just share your links with your friends and when your friend download Application from your link then you will be paid.
This is easiest way to earn money online without investment just share your link and earn.
Their was not any type of cost in this work.
Best part of this work
• Instant rewards & no limit of earnings
• make more friends and earn more.
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