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How to Withdraw Money from AdBrite


When a blogger decides to earn with advertising services, first question that comes to mind is- “How to Withdraw Money?” If you want to be AdBrite publisher, you may ask same question. Here is the answer for you.

Other Google Adsense Alternatives have different payment methods. But, AdBrite pays only by check in US Dollar. But, advantage is you can set minimum payout threshold yourself. A net-60 payment system is used by AdBrite. This means your earnings from each day must mature for 60 days before you request for payment. For example, January earnings will mature at the beginning of April. They use this time to collect and verify payments. Matured earnings must meet the minimum check requirement which you have chosen. I suggest you to select minimum check requirement as higher as possible. For foreign currency (e. g. India) you have to pay fees to withdraw money. If you request $10, you will get nothing because fees are same for any amount. Your payee name must be true and address must be completed. Payments are processed once a month at the beginning of the month. Check will be sent to your address on a file by the 10th of the month via standard mail. Checks usually arrive within 7 to 10 business days to U.S addresses. For international addresses, it may take up to 21 business days for your check to arrive to international addresses.

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