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Make Money with Infolinks


Infolinks is one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives. It pays more than other Google Adsense Alternatives. In one word, Infolinks is second high paying advertising program after Adsense. But, its ad format is different from Adsense.


It provides in-text advertising services. They won’t provide ad in separate area of your web page. Words from your content will be selected to place ads. If someone clicks those words, they will go to that advertising site and you will get money. So, this method is very helpful.

It has a special feature to increase your earnings. It is called Infolinks Related Tags. If you use this feature, a contextual tags cloud will be added within your pages content. But, will it be relevant to your post? Yes, Infolinks will scan your every page and provide the best keywords within the Related Tags cloud. Even they choose highest paying keywords automatically. When your visitor will click those tags, you will be awarded with additional earning.

They have also added a new feature recently. It is the Infolinks Search Widget which will also help to increase your revenue.

Now question is- what is the requirement to join Infolinks? Does it have a lot of terms and conditions like Adsense? Will it reject your application again and again? Answer is No. It is very good for beginners. If your site/blog does not contain any adult content, illegal drugs content, hate graphic or, hate speech content or any content which can be considered as illegal such as promoting hacking, spamming and pirating, they must approve your site/blog within 48 hours. But, you should not apply, if your site/blog is under construction. You can apply when you have 15 or 20 posts. After getting approval, you can also add their ad code to your other sites/blogs. Use your real name and address during sign up or, you will not get money.

Another interesting thing is you can use it along with Adsense or other Google Adsense Alternatives. But, do not use other In-Text Advertising services with it. And do not use both Adsense and Infolinks Related Tag together. Google do not allow same ad format. So, if you use Adsense Related Tags, do not use Infolinks Related Tags.

I will highly recommend you that never click your own ads and do not encourage your friends or relatives to click the ads or you will be banned. So, always be careful.

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